Lean in close and listen: You are already enough. There’s no place to get to. There’s nothing wrong to fix.

Maybe you’ve heard those words before. Maybe you’ve posted them on your bathroom mirror as a reminder. But probably you still feel a nagging tug. If you could figure out how to be enough, then you’d finally be able to get somewhere, instead of always racing from behind.

What if your life felt like enough? Complete, and whole, most of the time?

What if instead of pushing, shoving, and grasping, your days became a kind of unfolding, expanding, and exploring?

What if all those aspirations and yearnings you wrestle with each day became your greatest allies in having your life feel lush and full?

Infinite, even?

Coaching with Sharon Day

Here’s how we play: in forty-five minute phone, Skype, or Zoom sessions, we’ll dive into deep, inquisitive discussion guided by these key principles:

∞ Authenticity—What’s real, and what’s veneer

∞ Connection—The space between you and those who matter to you

∞ Curiosity—Cultivating wonder, especially in situations that you’d never imagine you could

∞ Attention—It’s a power-tool that we rarely practice or use deliberately

∞ Desire—What do you want? The harder it is to answer this question, the more there is to discover.

Let’s explore the edge between your familiar, well-worn habits, and the lustrous (sometimes scary!) world that lies just beyond that edge. That’s where the lights come on, the colors are brighter, and the stuff that’s been stuck breaks open.

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