Clients Say

Sharon DayIn hundreds of sessions spanning more than twenty years as a certified professional coach, clients routinely say things like:

“Sharon has a gift for meeting me where I’m at, bathing me in love and approval, and then gently and playfully reminding me that I really can have whatever it is I want. She uses her own deep experience to connect, to show how she’s been stuck in exactly the same spot before, and that she managed to get unstuck, which helps me see that I can too.”
~Scientist/educator & single mom, Boston, MA

“Instead of forcing myself to do things I “should” I have learned to do good things for myself because I want to take excellent care of this precious person I am.”
~Artist, linguist, and world traveller

“Sharon always brings calmness and caring to even the most difficult situations. It’s a privilege to to have her on my team. She is an extraordinary coach.”
~Founder and CEO of a global communications firm